‘Year 2024 is not so far away’: Race against time to complete first phase of Indonesia’s new capital

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NUSANTARA, Indonesia – Eastern Kalimantan now has a new tourism destination.

A big sign reads “Point Zero Nusantara” in the middle of a lovely forest. It denotes the location of Indonesia’s new capital city and serves as a reference point for determining the height of future buildings in the area.

Mdm Puji Astuti and a few other Muslim businesswomen stood cheerfully in the blazing sun at point zero earlier this month.

Mdm Astuti was eager to see the new capital location. She feels that there will be economic prospects, but she is skeptical that the new city will be built in two years.

“It’s entirely up to the federal government.” Don’t just talk about it. Begin now if it must be completed by 2024. (building now). “The year 2024 is not that far away,” Mdm Astuti, who is from Balikpapan in East Kalimantan province, remarked.

For the time being, point zero is the only marker in eastern Kalimantan’s Nusantara that indicates the position and size of the future capital.

In the region of more than 56,000 hectares, there are little evidence of construction and growth. Many areas of the prospective metropolis are still commercial forests, with trees like eucalyptus and acacia being grown.

A few excavators are clearing terrain less than 5 kilometers from point zero for the new Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing.

Previously, the authorities stated that building of the new capital will begin in early August, and that they are already procuring the necessary materials and services.

The new presidential palace in Nusantara will host an Independence Day celebration on August 17, 2024.

The promises of the future capital city have locals excited. However, CNA questioned analysts who are less optimistic about the building timeframe.

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