US trip ‘very good start’ to advance PH interests on global stage

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MANILA – After arriving early Sunday morning, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. hailed a fruitful weeklong trip to the United States, saying he effectively pushed the country’s interests on the global arena.

“We in the Philippine delegation are unanimous in our judgment that the work done on this tour serves as an excellent starting point for opportunities discovered to be turned into programs and projects to benefit the Philippines and our countrymen,” Marcos said in his welcome address.

“And so, the job continues,” he said, “but I am pleased to announce that we have had a very solid and robust start to our efforts.”

Among the highlights of the President’s visit to the United States are his attendance at the 77th United Nations General Assembly and his meetings with international leaders and members of the American business community.

The President of the Philippines delivered the country’s national statement at the UN, defining the country’s position in collaborating with the global organization to achieve a better future and a more just and secure world.

Climate change, rising food prices, rapid technological progress, the peaceful resolution of international disputes, the protection of migrants, and the abolition of all forms of prejudice were among the problems he addressed.

The President also discussed the Philippines’ experience in the peace process in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM), agricultural revitalization, and human rights promotion under the UN Joint Program on Human Rights.

He also reaffirmed the Philippines’ commitment to the rule of law, as reflected in the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, or UNCLOS.

Marcos also met with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who reaffirmed the Philippines’ relationship with the UN.

As a founding member of the UN, the Philippine leader stated that he expressed his aim to strengthen the country’s engagement in UN peacekeeping operations, particularly in the Middle East, where there is a high concentration of OFWs.

During the UN conference, the President held formal and informal bilateral discussions with leaders of the country’s important allies, including the United States and Japan, and outlined the goals for addressing food and energy security, climate change, and other concerns.

He also spoke with a number of business leaders from various US corporations who pledged to contribute to the Philippines’ development and economic progress.

“We will work together to address some of our critical economic concerns, including climate change, food security, and energy security, to name a few,” he stated.

The President also spoke at the New York Stock Exchange and the Philippine Economic Briefing, both of which drew institutional investors, senior corporate executives, fund managers, and entrepreneurs.

Simultaneously, his delegation convened four CEO roundtable conversations on IT-BPM, digital infrastructure, global brands, particularly in the fabric and apparel industries, and industry and infrastructure.

Prior to returning to the Philippines, he held a roundtable conversation with a limited group of US business leaders on the current health of the global and regional economies.

While in the United States, the President visited with the Filipino community and praised them for their efforts and services to both the Philippines and the United States.

He expressed his admiration and respect for their dedication to the future and welfare of their families in the Philippines, and he discussed with them the administration’s initiatives targeted at improving Filipinos’ lives.

Source: PNA

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