Ukraine battling to stem Russian advance in north of Donetsk region

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KYIV: Ukraine has so far resisted any substantial Russian assault into its Donetsk region’s north, but pressure is increasing with intense shelling on Sloviansk and nearby civilian areas, the Ukrainian military warned on Wednesday (Jul 6).

Russia and rebel proxies had already taken control of the southern half of Donetsk province when they captured the city of Lysychansk on Sunday, thus completing their takeover of the neighboring Luhansk region.

Moscow claims that evicting the Ukrainian military from both regions is key to its “special military operation” to ensure its own security, a four-month-long onslaught that the West describes as unjustified.

The provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk compose the Donbas, Ukraine’s eastern, heavily industrial region that has become Europe’s largest battlefield for generations and over which Russia aims to regain authority for insurgents it supports.

Ukraine’s military stated in an evening bulletin on Wednesday that Russian forces were increasing pressure on Ukrainian defenses along the northern flanks of Donetsk region.

Source: CNA news

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