UAE rejects ‘racist’ remarks by EU foreign policy chief, summons diplomat

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DUBAI: The UAE has condemned European Union Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell’s “racist” remarks during the inauguration of the new European Diplomatic Academy in Belgium.

Borrell has recently been chastised for referring to Europe as a “garden” and the rest of the world as “a jungle [that] may invade the garden.”

The UAE described Borrell’s remarks as “discriminatory and improper,” adding that they “contribute to a rising climate of intolerance and prejudice worldwide.”

“Borrell’s words are a disturbing development at a time when all parties recognize the need of respect for various religions, cultures, and ethnic groups, as well as values like as pluralism, cohabitation, and tolerance,” according to the WAM statement.

According to WAM, the foreign ministry summoned Emil Paulsen, acting head of mission at the EU delegation in the UAE, on Monday over the statements.

The office of Borrell was also asked to offer a formal explanation for the comments.

Source: Arab News

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