UAE operates air bridge to ship aid to Sudan’s flood victims

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DUBAI: The UAE has started operating an air bridge to Khartoum to send large amounts of aid to Sudanese victims of torrential rains and floods, according to the Emirates News Agency (WAM) on Saturday.

The aid is intended to assist over 140,000 displaced people as a result of the floods, which killed at least 89 people and destroyed 50,000 homes.

According to WAM, the assistance will include approximately 10,000 tents, 28,000 food and medical aid parcels, and 120 tonnes of urgent relief supplies to improve the living conditions of the flood-affected population and support authorities’ efforts to contain the crisis.

The first aircraft carrying 30 tonnes of shelter assistance left the UAE earlier today, as the country’s field operations in the flood-affected areas of Blue Nile, Khartoum, and Gezira began. Three more aid cargo flights to Khartoum are scheduled.

According to the United Nations, floods have affected over 150,000 people this year, more than doubling the number affected during the previous rainy season.

Source: Arab News

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