Today’s santris duty is to protect Indonesia from threats: Minister

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Jakarta, Indonesia – Santri Day, according to Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, is a momentum to inspire santris (Islamic boarding school students) to defend Indonesia from numerous threats.

“Anyone who wants to threaten our independence, which ulemas and santris have also battled for in the past, must first fight santris who will be on the front lines to protect (our country) against any threats,” Qoumas said during the 2022 Santri Day commemoration ceremony on Saturday.

The subject of this year’s Santri Day, “Empowered to Maintain Humanity,” is intended to inspire santris to contribute to national development, he said, adding that santris must be willing to dedicate their lives to the nation.

“We are people who appreciate what previous Santris battled for. We must not be complacent with our existing situation, and santris must not feel superior because they have Santri Day “The minister emphasized.

According to Qoumas, a santri can become anything they want after finishing their education, whether a minister or an entrepreneur, as long as they learn sincerely and study the religion seriously.

He mentioned Vice President Ma’ruf Amin and other cabinet colleagues as santris.

“Santris’ first responsibility is to study (the Quran). You must first thoroughly memorize and study the Quran. If you stick to this, God willing, you will attain everything you seek “According to Qoumas.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Islamic Education’s Director General of Islamic Education, Muhammad Ali Ramdhani, stated that this year’s Santri Day observance will also include prayers for past heroes and an appeal to God to bless the country.

“We hope that this event will offer numerous blessings for the Indonesian nation to be harmonious, unified, and work together to improve our country,” Ramdhani said.

Source: Antara

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