Thai court orders PM to resign until final ruling on 8-year term

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The Philippines – On Wednesday, Thailand’s Supreme Court ordered Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to resign until a definitive decision on his eight-year term was announced, and appointed Deputy Premier Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan as acting prime minister.

By a vote of five to four, the Constitutional Court ordered the former military general-turned-chief executive to “resign temporarily,” according to the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (World).

The court was hearing an opposition petition challenging Chan-o-continuing cha’s as prime minister after his eight-year mandate “expired.”

On Wednesday, Chan-o-cha did not come to work because protesters gathered outside the Government House, requesting him to resign. He was instead working from home.

Before becoming prime minister, the former Thai military leader staged a coup in 2014.

The petition to remove him was signed by 171 opposition lawmakers.

However, some believe that Chan-o-term cha’s ends in 2027 because the June 2017 constitutional charter specifies an eight-year term, and so his current term begins in that year rather than 2014.


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