SIM Card Registration Act seen to be passed into law this year

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MANILA, Philippines — Senator Grace Poe is sure that Senate Bill No. 1310, also known as the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Registration Act, will become law this year after being voted unanimously in the Senate.

Poe, the chair of the Committee on Public Services and the bill’s primary proponent, stated on Wednesday that she hopes President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. will sign the bill into law by October or November.

According to the congressman, registering SIM cards will be a “huge help” in combating crime and will serve as a deterrent to internet scammers.

“It’s more about tracing.” We’ll find out who registered the number next. Even if a false name was utilized, there is at least a lead,” Poe said in a statement.

She recounted that when someone attempted to defraud Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri, the offender was found and detained after the scammer’s phone number was handed to law enforcement.

This came after Zubiri revealed to the public that he had been targeted by a few of scammers.

After obtaining his personal mobile number, the scammers pretended to be public officials and tried to extort money for a phony political conference.

The SIM Registration Act, according to Zubiri, who primarily wrote and co-sponsored the measure, is a tool to combat the expanding use of devices in criminal operations.

“As public-harming schemes evolve, so must regulatory countermeasures,” the Senate President added.

Source: PNA

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