Putin blames Ukraine secret services for Crimea bridge blast: Agencies

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MOSCOW — On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Ukrainian secret services of being behind the massive explosion that destroyed a bridge in Russia’s Crimea the day before, calling it a “terrorist attack.”

After meeting with the head of the inquiry committee, Putin reportedly declared, “The authors, perpetrators, and sponsors are the Ukrainian secret services,” which was broadcast by the Kremlin.

Putin also stated, “There is no doubt this is a terrorist act intended at damaging important Russian civilian infrastructure.”

On Saturday, a vehicle bomb caused a large fire on the road and rail link between Russia and the seized Crimean peninsula, killing three people.

Nobody in Ukraine has taken credit for the blast.

To get supplies to Russian troops fighting in Ukraine, Moscow needs this bridge badly; it’s an essential transport route.

This also carries tremendous symbolic weight. Putin himself drove a vehicle across it to officially open the bridge in 2018, and Russia insisted the connection was secure even during the war.

Source: AFP

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