Patrap Senopati Goes To Paris in Collaboration with PT. Kembang Sri Samudra

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Making the name of Panembahan Senopati’s ancestors proud in the international arena is one of the Visions and Missions of the Panembahan Senopati Descendants Community which was initiated by the 9 founders.  Special for Overseas Regions commanded by Mrs. Raden Nganten Hj.  Hendri Widya Liring Kenya who has extraordinary dedication.

Panembahan Senopati was the First King of Islamic Mataram from 1586-1601, based in Kotagedhe Yogyakarta, gave birth to the next famous Sultans in his journey.

In making the name of the Indonesian nation proud, this time, Indonesia took an active role in the international agenda, namely the Village International Gastronomie Event which was held in Paris from 1-4 September 2022. This event received a warm welcome and full support from the French President, Emanuel Macron.

In this case the Patrap Senopati Kotagede Foundation participated in supporting these activities in collaboration with PT. Kembang Samudra.  The Village International Gastronomie event is a special event, because it showcases the culture, economy, tourism and specialties of various countries.

Mrs. Lembayung,  the owner of Kembang Sri Samudra, said that ‘Indonesia this year is very special because it is an honorary country and a country that has extraordinary potential in the fields of art, culture, economy, tourism and gastronomy.

Indonesia was represented by Kembang Sri Samudra, Jakarta Premium and Teluk Bintuni who in the event joined hands with the official committee of LMDI (La Maison De L’Indonésie) to promote Indonesia in the international arena.  Kembang Samudra Alhamdulillah, got the VVIP privilege for a presentation in front of B2B guests,” added Lembayung.

The Patrap Senopati Foundation gives an extraordinary appreciation for continuing to support Kembang Samudra in their work to make the name of the Indonesian Nation proud, of course this will be a beautiful collaboration because Indonesian Culture, especially Our Ancestral Culture, starts from Language Arts, Puppet Arts, Dance Arts, Gamelan Arts and Kris Arts  can be a special attraction for tourists to visit Indonesia, especially the city of Yogyakarta,” explained Mrs. Widya as the International Coordinator.

It is hoped that Indonesia will continue to spread the wings of the nation’s noble identity with the Pancasila Indonesian five principles personality.

Greetings Grace. Best Regards

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