Papuan Police: Investigation of Ammunition Sales Cases to KKB Needs Time and Caution

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The Papuan Police are looking into the sale of ammunition to the Armed Criminal Group (KKB). Investigations into related parties are currently ongoing at the moment.

The remark was delivered by the Papuan Police’s Head of Public Relations, Kombes Pol. Ahmad Musthofa Kamal, in response to the MPR’s chairman, Bambang Soesatyo, who ordered the Papuan Police to dismantle the ammunition supply network to the KKB.

He also stated that an investigation was conducted to determine who ordered the ammunition. He stated that this disclosure necessitates information from numerous related parties.

“It is impossible for the items to arrive without a requester, and this requester or applicant must have money. We also require information from all parties so that disclosure can take place as soon as possible,” he stated.

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