North Korea: Ukraine can’t talk about sovereignty while aiding US

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SEOUL – North Korea’s foreign ministry said on Friday that Ukraine has no right to voice sovereignty concerns after taking part in the US’ “unjust, illegal” acts that violated Pyongyang’s sovereignty.

After formally recognizing two Russian-backed breakaway self-proclaimed republics in eastern Ukraine as independent entities, North Korea’s state media issued a statement from the ministry.

Following the move, Ukraine broke ties with North Korea, claiming it an attempt to undermine its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

However, the foreign ministry of the isolated country justified the decision, claiming that Ukraine had already assisted US-led initiatives, including sanctions against the North’s nuclear development.

North Korea claims its nuclear and missile programs are for self-defense and accuses the US of pursuing a “hostile posture” by applying UN sanctions and conducting military maneuvers with South Korea.

“Ukraine has no right to raise the matter or challenge our legitimate exercise of sovereignty after performing an act that significantly lacks fairness and justice amongst nations in the past by actively participating in the US unfair and illegal unfriendly policy,” the ministry stated.

“We will continue to strengthen and develop friendship and cooperation with all countries that respect our sovereignty and treat us favorably based on the principles of sovereign equality, non-interference in internal affairs and mutual respect.”

Source: Reuters

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