North Korea says it is nearing end of COVID-19 crisis as Asian neighbours fight resurgence

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SEOUL – North Korea is on track to “finally defuse” a problem coming from its first acknowledged breakout of COVID-19, according to the state news agency, while Asian neighbors face a new wave of illnesses caused by Omicron subvariants.

The North claims that 99.98% of its 4.77 million fever patients have recovered completely since late April, but due to an apparent paucity of testing, it has not disclosed any numbers on those who tested positive.

“The anti-epidemic campaign has been improved in order to thoroughly defuse the issue,” according to KCNA. It went on to say that the North has recorded 310 more patients suffering with fever symptoms.

The World Health Organization has questioned North Korea’s assertions, saying last month that it believed the situation was worsening rather than improving due to a lack of independent evidence.

According to one observer, the North’s proclamation could be a prelude to resuming trade that has been impeded by the outbreak.

Source: CNA

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