Marcos’ NY trip established PH independent foreign policy: Roque

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MANILA, Philippines — According to international law expert and former Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s recent New York trip signaled improved relations between the Philippines and the United States while establishing Manila would maintain its independent foreign policy and “friend to all” stance.

Under the last government, ties between the two were “extremely strained,” according to Roque.

“The accomplishment is that he went to the United States and was granted protection from suit, implying that America want to maintain our long-standing alliance. And by visiting the United States, President Marcos stated, “We want to be your friend as well, but please keep in mind that we are friends to all.” “He made the remarks during the Pandesal Forum in Quezon City.

Last week, Marcos attended the 77th United Nations General Assembly and spoke with other world leaders, including US Vice President Joe Biden.

During the bilateral meeting, Marcos informed Biden that the Philippines looked forward to a continuing partnership with Washington DC, particularly in maintaining regional peace, and that the Southeast Asian nation continues to regard the US as a friend, ally, and partner.

Roque praised Marcos’ call to American businessmen to invest in the Philippines as a wise step.

“We won’t know how successful this initiative is until the money arrives.” But what matters is that the Philippines now has a President who is selling the country to American venture capitalists after six years in office. ‘Did that happen during President Duterte’s tenure?’ he said. “I believe the time has come. [A]lthough China is on its way to become an economic powerhouse, the United States remains the undisputed leader.”

Aside from reestablishing relations between the two countries, Roque stated that Marcos’ visit to the United States served as his “debut in international arena.”

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