Make most of digital space to improve democracy: Minister Plate

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Jakarta – In order to avoid divisiveness after the political year leading to the simultaneous elections in 2024, the Minister of Communication and Informatics Johnny G. Plate asked citizens, the press, and political party leaders to be democratic and keep the digital environment free of reckless content.

The minister remarked in an official statement here on Tuesday that “now is the moment for us to take advantage of the digital space to strengthen Indonesia’s democracy, the quality of expression of freedom of speech, and to responsibly improve the quality of our general elections or democratic parties.”

The minister acknowledged that divisiveness in society had been made possible by the election. The government must simultaneously make sure that substantial measures are made in the interest of the community and to speed up digital transformation.

Plate further stressed that, in accordance with the laws in effect in Indonesia, the government continues to ensure freedom of thought, freedom of the press, and freedom of association in the public realm, including the digital area.

“However, I want to stress once more that the best kind of freedom is one that is responsible and beneficial to society. It isn’t even polarizing, “He declared.

He stressed that in light of Indonesia’s substantial internet user base, extensive telecommunications infrastructure, and widespread digitalization, the freedom of expression online must be preserved.

The minister has continuously urged raising awareness of each individual to use the digital space responsibly, even as the ministry continues to focus on the healthy use of the digital environment.

“Leaders must protect this, especially those in political parties. Keep polarization from happening. Additionally, the general public must be made aware that they propagate false information, are mistaken, and have the potential to stoke racial tensions “said the minister.

Plate acknowledged that polarization still has a very high potential. This is possible because the election of members of the House of Representatives (DPR) and Regional Representative Council (DPD), which comprise the People’s Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia (MPR RI), the Provincial People’s Representative Council (DPRD), and DPRD for districts and cities to regional heads, all take place concurrently with the direct presidential election.

Because we don’t want our society to be split, Plate emphasized that “we do not want the digital space to be flooded with unpleasant and harmful stuff with post truth subtleties.”

Therefore, he urged all sections of the country to work together to maintain the country’s political conditions and avoid interfering with the economic growth of the country, which was wise given that several nations were in a recession, the COVID-19 pandemic was still active, and various nations were at war.

“However, Indonesia’s inflation rate is still under 6%. It is well-controlled and effective. When economic development throughout the world was slowing, Indonesia was still growing at 5%. This is lovely. While simultaneously preserving our national unity as a nation, we must guard this collectively “said the minister.

The minister also reminded the populace of the various laws that regulate the internet, particularly those that forbid uploading unsettling or unlawful material that could upset public order or breach statutory prohibitions.

Source: Antara

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