Israel bombs Hamas ‘military site’ in Gaza after rocket fire: Army

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JERUSALEM – After rocket firing on Israeli territory, Israeli airplanes hit a weapons manufacturing site in the Gaza Strip early Saturday, according to the military.

The shooting came just hours after US Vice President Joe Biden visited Israel and the occupied West Bank.

“A short while ago, IDF fighter jets hit a Hamas terrorist organization military location in the central Gaza Strip,” the Israel Defense Forces stated in a statement.

“The military location is an underground complex housing raw materials used in rocket manufacture.”

“The hit on this site will greatly delay and damage Hamas’ force-building capabilities,” Israel claimed, adding that it was in response to “attacks from the Gaza Strip on Israeli territory.”

According to the military, two separate launches of two rockets against Israeli territory occurred during the night.

Throughout the night, warning sirens alerted inhabitants to the rocket fire in the city of Ashkelon and elsewhere in Israel’s south.

According to Israel’s military, one of the rockets was intercepted, while the other three landed on unpopulated land.

Source: AFP

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