Indonesian embassy holds fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees

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Jakarta – The Indonesian Embassy in Bucharest hosted a fundraising event for Ukrainian refugees in Romania, which included a range of cultural displays and gourmet pleasures.

The gathering was held to express solidarity and empathy for Ukrainian migrants, according to a written statement received in Jakarta on Thursday by the embassy.

M. Amhar Azeth, Indonesian Ambassador to Romania, stated in his presentation that the fundraising was a demonstration of the Indonesian people’s empathy for what the Ukrainian people are going through.

The Indonesian government, according to the ambassador, values the independence and sovereignty of all nations.

He went on to say that Indonesia and Ukraine have had an emotional relationship for a long time.

He expressed optimism that the fundraising event at the Indonesian Embassy in Bucharest would provide relief to the 18 Ukrainian refugees who participated.

According to him, the event was also staged as part of attempts to expose Indonesia’s culture, food, and tourism within the context of soft power diplomacy.

The program included traditional Indonesian dances, traditional angklung music, and movies showcasing Indonesian tourism attractions.

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