Hate crimes, rising Islamophobia belie Canada’s image of tolerance

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People often say, “There’s no racism in Canada,” to describe how tolerant and nice the country is. However, a string of hate crimes, mass killings, and racism against ethnic groups hurts the country’s picture-perfect image.

On the official website of the Canadian government, it says that diversity and acceptance are important parts of Canadian identity and a source of social and economic strength. People around the world think of Canadians as friendly, warm, generous, and polite people who always say please, thank you, and sorry. The Legatum Institute in London also said in 2015 that the country was the most tolerant in the world.

But as discriminatory, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, and racist acts are on the rise, the public is slowly becoming aware of a dark side to Canada’s shiny image.

Source: Arab News

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