Gunman in Thailand kills 34 people at day-care center

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BANGKOK: On Thursday, a former police officer opened fire at a children’s daycare center in Thailand, killing 34 people in total. According to the media, the shooter later shot and killed himself.

Police stated in a statement that there were 22 children among the victims in addition to adults.

After the mass killing, according to police colonel Jakkapat Vijitraithaya of the province of Nong Bua Lam Phu, the shooter went home and killed his wife and child.

Police had said that a manhunt for the gunman was underway, and a government spokeswoman claimed that the prime minister had notified all agencies to find the offender.

Despite the high percentage of gun ownership relative to certain other nations in the region and the prevalence of illegal firearms, mass shootings are uncommon in Thailand.

In a four-location shooting spree in 2020, a soldier enraged over a property deal gone bad killed at least 29 individuals and injured 57 more.

Source: Reuters

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