Dozens missing after migrant boat sinks in Aegean Sea

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ATHENS, Greece — Dozens of people are missing when a boat carrying over 70 migrants sunk in the Aegean Sea overnight, according to Greek officials on Tuesday.

A huge search and rescue effort is presently underway, with crews rescuing nine individuals from the boat that capsized between the islands of Andros and Evia, according to the coast guard.

The survivors were rescued from the Mandilou islet, where they claimed there were 68 passengers aboard the boat.

According to the coast guard, migrants placed a distress call to the European emergency number 112 after their boat sank.

Rescue workers are dealing with severe weather in the Aegean Sea, with gusts gusting up to 9 Beaufort (75 to 88 kph), complicating their search for survivors.

Source: Anadolu

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