Cyberattack forces Iran steel company to halt production

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DUBAI: One of Iran’s largest steel companies announced on Monday that it had been forced to suspend production due to a cyberattack, reportedly the largest such assault on the country’s critical industrial sector in recent memory.

According to a statement issued by the state-owned Khuzestan Steel Company, specialists determined that the company was unable to continue operations “due to technical problems and would be closed until further notice” as a result of “cyberattacks.” The company’s website looked to be down.

According to Jamaran, a local news channel, the attack did not inflict any structural damage to the steel mill because the business was closed at the time due to an electrical outage.

The corporation did not point fingers at any one group for the incident, which is simply the most recent example of an attack on the country’s services in recent weeks. Iran has previously accused the US and Israel of carrying out cyberattacks against the country’s infrastructure.

Along with two other large state-owned businesses, Khuzestan Steel Company, situated in Ahvaz in southwestern Iran, holds a monopoly on steel manufacturing in Iran. Founded prior to Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, the corporation had several production lines provided by German, Italian, and Japanese industries for decades following.

Source: Arab News

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