Biden recognizes contributions of Filipino-Americans

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MANILA, Philippines — In honor of Filipino American History Month (FAHM) this October, US President Joe Biden expressed his appreciation to the Filipino-American community.

On Sunday, Biden stated that he and First Lady Jill are happy to acknowledge FAHM and celebrate the “innumerable” accomplishments and rich heritage of Filipino-Americans throughout the United States.

“We support, honor, and thank you for everything you’ve done to help fulfill America’s promise to all of us,” Biden said on Twitter and Facebook.

The comment was similar to what Biden said last year.

“Filipino Americans have served our nation, defended our democracy, and fought for the promise of a more just and inclusive America since October 1587,” Biden said at the time.

He recalled Filipino-American contributions during WWII and the catalyst for permanent changes that improved farm labor conditions in the United States.

Biden also praised the service and sacrifices of Filipino-American front-line responders in the Covid-19 outbreak, calling them a “vital component” of the US’s strength and diversity.

FAHM was first proposed in 1991, and the official declaration was issued in November 2009 by the US Congress, citing the “advancement of Filipino-Americans and as a time to renew efforts toward the examination of history and culture in order to provide an opportunity for all people in the US to learn more about Filipino-Americans and their historic contributions to the Nation.”

FANHS, which is now led by Dr. Kevin Leo Yabut Nadal as president, has planned a variety of activities for the month-long celebration of FAHM.

“During Filipino American History Month, we respectfully remind folks that we stress history, not heritage, celebrating our challenges, resilience, and contributions to the history of the United States,” FANHS remarked on Facebook.

The organization was created in 1982 with the goal of encouraging knowledge, education, enlightenment, appreciation, and enrichment via the identification, gathering, preservation, and distribution of Filipino-American history and culture.

FAHNS, a volunteer-run organization with 40 chapters around the United States, has a national office and the National Pinoy Archives in Seattle, Washington, as well as a Filipino-American National Historical Society Museum in Stockton, California.

Source: PNA

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