129 killed, 180 injured in stampede after Malang football match

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MALANG, Jawa Timur, Indonesia – On Saturday evening, 129 people were murdered and 180 others were injured in a stampede at Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang District, East Java Province.

At a press conference here on Sunday, East Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General of Police Nico Afinta stated that two of the casualties were police personnel.

“127 persons were killed in that incident.” “Two of them are police officers,” Afinta explained.

Later, East Java authorities reported that the death toll had risen to 129.

According to Afinta, 34 of the 127 persons died at the stadium. The remainder died while being treated at various local hospitals.

He stated that roughly 180 persons were still being treated in hospitals as of now.

In addition to the fatalities, 13 vehicles were damaged, with 10 of them being police vehicles.

“There are still 180 persons receiving treatment. Not all of the 40 thousand onlookers are anarchists. Only about 3,000 spectators got to the field “Afinta also contributed.

He stated that the match at Kanjuruhan Stadium went well. However, after the game, numerous Arema FC supporters were dissatisfied when Arema FC of Malang fell 3-2 to Persebaya of Surabaya, and some Arema supporters stormed the pitch in search of players and officials.

Arema FC suffered their first defeat in 23 years.

The security agents took precautionary measures by diverting spectators away from the pitch, preventing them from chasing players. According to Afinta, officers were eventually compelled to use tear gas.

He said that the tear gas was fired because dissatisfied Arema supporters had engaged in anarchic behavior, endangering the safety of players and officials.

“They went out to one place at the exit due to the tear gas. Then there’s the matter of accumulating. Many people suffer from shortness of breath, a lack of oxygen, and other symptoms as a result of the buildup “He stated.

Meanwhile, Malang District Head M. Sanusi stated that the Malang District Government will cover all medical expenditures for supporters receiving treatment in a number of hospitals.

“We have mobilized all ambulances for the Kanjuruhan Stadium evacuation. Malang District bears all fees for individuals who are healthy and being treated,” he said.

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